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Overseas Business Div. of Daejoo Heavy Industry

This Division concentrates its efforts on exploring emerging markets in Southeast Asian countries, based on agency business for Hyundai Motor of ‘Camko Motor Company’, Daejoo’s Cambodian local corporation

- Overseas Business Div.

The Overseas Business Div., a dedicated business house for exporting automotive parts to Camko Motor Co. is exporting automotive components of passenger & commercial vehicles and special vehicles of Hyundai Motor, and exploring emerging markets to expand into Southeast Asia.

Date of establishment 2014. 09. 15
Business Sector Export of auto parts for Hyundai Motor, exploration of new business opportunities to expand into Southeast Asian market
Location 3F Jeil Bldg., 84 Beodnaru-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

- Cambodian Business Div.

○ Camko Motor Company Ltd. (local incorporation in Cambodia)

This Division, incorporated locally in Cambodia in June, 2007, is an official agent of Hyundai Motor, which is responsible for disassembled knock-down (DKD) of Hyundai Motor’s complete vehicles, their sales and after-sale services, including other vehicle-related business. The incorporation is about to reach its highest ever market share locally.

Date of establishment June, 2007 (merged to Daejoo Heavy Ind. Co. on October 25, 2014)
Business Sector Knock-down (KD) kits for Hyundai Motors, their sales and after-sale service
Network 2 showrooms (1 in Phnum Penh, 1 in Siem Reap), 4 A/S centers (2 in Phnum Penh, 1 in Siem Reap, 1 in Koh Kong), DKD factory (Koh Kong)
Location #21, Monivong Blvd, Sangkat Srah Chork, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Phnum Penh H/Q)

◎ Camko Motor network under direct control

- Brief history

2020. 10. 26 Opened and operates vehicle cargo site in Sen Sok districk, Phnum Penh
2020. 05. 30 Opened City Store in Southeastern area of Phnum Penh
2016. 04. 01 Reorganized 2 business subdivisions (overseas business and Cambodian business) under Overseas Business Div.
2014. 11. 18 Started the sale of Hyundai Motor vehicles locally in Cambodia
2014. 09. 15 Established Cambodian Business Div. under Daejoo Heavy Ind. (merged to Daejoo Heavy Ind.)
2014. 05. 01 Acquired agency (exclusive in Cambodia) of Hyundai Motor for commercial vehicles
2014. 04. 01 Acquired agency (exclusive in Cambodia) of Hyundai Motor for passenger cars

- DKD Factory in Koh Kong

The DKD Factory of Camko Motor, located within Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Kok Kong (a city near the Thai border), is the first automotive assembly factory with capacity of assembling up to 2,000 vehicles (PC, commercial, special vehicles) a year in Cambodia.

◎ Landscape of the factory

Landscape of the factory

Landscape of the factory

Landscape of the factory

Landscape of the factory

○ Overview of Koh Kong DKD Factory

Date of establishment June, 2010
Location Economic Zone, Koh Kong, Cambodia [lot area:165,000㎡ (49,912 pyeong)]
Facilities Assembly building (production line), training building (lecture rooms), warehouse (parts), open storage, dormitory, cafeteria, etc.
Key activities 1. DKD and pre-delivery inspection (PDI) for Hyundai Motor vehicles
2. Repair services for owners of Hyundai cars in Kok Kong area (after-sales service center within the factory)
3. Providing repair training for students of the Phnom Penh Institute of Technology (as part of corporate social responsibility)

※ DKD(Disassembled Knock Down) : The type of vehicle manufacturing process, where vehicles are disassembled at the origin (exporting country) and reassembled in another country (importing country)

○ http://www.camko-motor.com/ (official website of Camko Motor)