Daejoo-KC, a company unnoticed but making the world more valuable

CEO Message

“We’re writing new history of challenges and innovations today” DAEJOO·KC

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Daejoo・KC was on its first voyage in August, 1988, initially founded with a company’s name of ‘Daejoo Development Co.’. For 30 years since then, the group has continued to grow as a high-tech firm providing top-of-the-line services, during which it has extended the scope of business ranging from steel and heavy industries to logistics, chemicals, automotive parts and construction・energy industries. The success is attributed to its attention and loyalty for our customers, together with our employees’ pioneering spirits and strong ownership.

We at Daejoo・KC now intend to build an global identity to be connected with the world. Amid ever-increasing uncertainty across the globe, inter-industry and inter-regional competition to overcome barriers will surely become more vigorous. At the center of such a paradigm shift, we will venture out to open up new markets overseas, making the most of our successful experience in the domestic territory.

To realize this, we will always cultivate a healthy corporate culture not only for continuous R&D but also for the creation of enterprise.

Also, we all will obey the ground rules and basics with pride and self-respect based on an entrepreneurial spirit that ‘the world’s best products are born in our hands’, while being actively engaged in fostering transformation and innovation in the workplace.

We hope that you will encourage and support our company.

Thank you very much.