Daejoo-KC, a company unnoticed but making the world more valuable

Introduction of CI

We contribute to making the better world by respecting the value of humanity and providing diverse inspirations to people

Daejoo•KC’s symbolic mark is based on company’s motto: 'Harmony and Solidarity'. It also means our goal that we try to become a future-oriented, the best company in the world.

Since CI is the official symbol of Daejoo•KC, any kind of modification will be prohibited.These symbols play an important role, such as web, print, signature, to convey image of the corporate and brands. Therefore, in order to prevent modifications while using CI, you must download Corporate Identity manual (AI, JPG, Regulations).

Color System

    1. PANTONE#0b6835
    2. CMYKC100 M0 Y91 K6
    3. RGBR11 G104 B53
    1. PANTONE#003e2d
    2. CMYKC100 M70 Y81 K10
    3. RGBR0 G62 B45
    1. PANTONE#313131
    2. CMYKC70 M63 Y62 K60
    3. RGBR49 G49 B49