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DaejooKC People

We operate a rational HR system based on performance and capability

  • Creators

    · Seeking professional knowledge and self-improvement
    ∙ Making changes through an open-minded and creative spirit

  • Professionals

    · Being proud of his/her own job and taking full responsibilities

  • Global Leaders

    · Cherishing a challenging spirit and creativity that make possible to go through an age of unlimited competition

Talented person with global competitiveness A competent person who does his/her job A person who does his/her responsibility An innovative person who leads change
Creates values based on passionate challenging mind and creative thinking and having future-oriented competitiveness A person who has expertise by constant self-improvements, active problem-solving skills, leadership A person who tries to make the best result by fulfilling duties based on ownership and passion Holds active mindset and behavior for change and innovation without fears of failure